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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are cell providers shutting down 2G networks? Will this impact my alarm system?

     It appears after several announcements, cell phone providers are starting to terminate the 2G band of cellular communication. If you are monitored via cellular communicator this may impact your monitoring as the 2G is cancelled in your area. The cell units that are installed in your home or business operate on the Rogers network, which has indicated that they have begun phasing out the 2G towers, and it should be completed by December 31 2021.

Is my alarm communicating via 2G? How do I find out? What steps do I take from here?

     If our records indicate that your alarm is running on 2G, we will be contacting you via email. If you are not sure if your cell communicator is a 2G unit or have not received an email from us, please don't hesitate to call our office and we can confirm the status of your communicator.

     If it is determined your alarm is using a 2G device, we are offering a discounted promotional price on a new LTE/5G communicator that will work with your current alarm system. 

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