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2. Door-To-Door Sales


In the past, some of you may have received phone calls and/or visits from various door-to-door security firms that have chosen Winnipeg as their target market. The following information will hopefully provide some perspective on what they are offering and act as a reminder of how critical it is to protect your privacy and be a wise consumer to avoid being taken advantage of.

Above all else protect your privacy

  • Do not enter into conversations with anyone regarding your alarm system and what it includes unless you have initiated the consultation. In today's day and age where identity theft, phishing schemes, credit-card fraud, theft, etc. seem all too commonplace, it is imperative that you protect information that can be used against you. While the person on the phone or at the door might represent a legitimate security company, it could just as easily be a criminal trying to obtain information on how to best target your premises and contents for a subsequent break-in. An appropriate response to anyone asking questions about your security protection might follow along the lines of "I prefer not to discuss security details with strangers and we are very well protected."

  • Never buy on the spot. There are no reputable deals that won't be available after you have done your homework on the product, company, and the available alternatives. Many of the companies install their hardware within minutes of signing an agreement so that exercising your cancellation rights on direct sales are complicated by the fact that removal of their hardware will not include the reinstallation of your original hardware.

  • If something is too good to be true, it typically is! Few things in life are ever "FREE". Along with "FREE" comes higher monthly fees, and if you calculate your total costs we GUARANTEE you that Tower Security will be (to borrow another company's well-advertised slogan) "cheaper than free"!

  • Read the ENTIRE contract before signing. Look for things such as warranties as well as who retains ownership of equipment.

  • If you are feeling pressured, ask them to leave or hang up.


The Province of Manitoba requires a 10-day cool-down period during which time you can cancel the contract. You don't have to give a reason for cancelling, and moneys paid must be refunded within 15 days. If the direct seller is unlicensed you have a full 12 months to cancel your contract. 


These companies often use the legislated 10-day cool-down period for door-to-door sales as a way of convincing you that you have no risk to sign on the dotted line, however what they don't tell you is that within minutes of signing their crew will be in your home installing their system and possibly tearing out your existing system.  Cancelling their agreement even within the cool-down period will not return your home or your previous alarm system back to its previous condition. Bottom line - DO NOT be pressured into signing anything until you've checked out the reputation of the company your considering and whether they're in fact offering good value.

The Winnipeg Free Press ran an article in February 2024 regarding door to door sales in Manitoba and chose to interview President Reg Siemens for his insight!


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