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February 2024: Fiber Optic home phoneline power issues

Telecommunication companies are starting to change over from existing antiquated copper lines which feed homes and businesses, and switching them to a fiber optic cable setup. We have found that during this switch the companies are NOT providing battery backup for their phone modems. As a result your phone line will be dead in the event of a power failure.

This has a drastic impact on the performance of your alarm system if it is using the home phone line to communicate. It can no longer send trouble or alarm signals to the monitoring center during power outages. Typically the alarm system would send a power failure notice to the monitoring center and if an extended outage occurs, it will then send a low battery alarm as well. If an alarm occurs during this power outage the monitoring center will not be notified due to the dead phone line, leaving your home or business vulnerable. 

One can combat this liability by plugging in an "Uninterrupted Power Supply" or "UPS" prior to the phone modem. This will provide a limited amount of battery backup to the phone modem in the event of a power failure. The other option is to monitor your alarm using a cellular communicator. This method is backed up by the alarm panels own battery so it does not require an additional UPS. If you would like to know more about this option please do not hesitate to call or email.

February 2024: Tower Security Systems Inc. published in Winnipeg Free Press!


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