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Alarm Systems

Residential or Commercial, we have you protected!

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Alarm Systems

An alarm is your home or business' first line of defense. With todays technology, you have the ability to monitor almost any scenario. Whether it be a break and enter, a fire, flooding, or freezing, we will keep you informed on the condition of your home or business. We can monitor your alarm system through either your home phone, or in the case you do not have a land line, a GSM cell module can be connected to your alarm system. Monitoring charges start at $18 per month.




Burglary components to consider for your house or business are:

  • Door contacts

  • Window contacts

  • Motion sensors

  • Glass break sensors

  • Garage door contacts


Environmental components to consider for your house or business are:

  • Smoke detectors

  • Heat detectors

  • Low temperature sensors

  • Sump pit float sensor

  • Holding tank/Septic tank float sensor

  • Water tank sensor



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