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Frequently Asked Questions

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4. Alarm system monitoring options

     For many people having a home phone line has become an unnecessary expense as the majority of people carry cell phones with them at all times. Land lines have turned into an expensive way to receive nuissance phone calls during dinner time that you dont want to answer anyways! Cellular technology now exists that allows your alarm system to communicate to the monitoring centre wirelessly rather than through a landline.  Monitoring your alarm system via a cellular communicator carries a number of advantages:

1. Cost - Most people find they save approximately $200 per year after cancelling their landline

2. Increased security - Your alarm system is no longer dependent on exterior wiring to transmit an alarm signal through to the monitoring centre.

3. Reliability - These cell units are powered and battery-backed up by your alarm system

4. Work with most alarm panels - capable of various communication formats that are compatible with even vintage alarm panels


      Please contact us if you have any questions or would like information on switching your alarm over to cellular.

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